Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Busy Berlin

Lisa's friend Sten came to visit a few weeks ago. Since Lisa had to work every day, I was able to walk around the city with Sten and accompany him as he took photos. I took a few myself and thoroughly enjoyed our 3+ hour walks every day. Sten is great and it is easy to see why he and Lisa are such good friends.

One of the things I love about Berlin is it's state of perpetual motion. At times it is frustrating because of water line construction or the cranes, but since we don't have a car, we are far less frustrated by the constant activity.

A view from the Hauptbahnhof in Berlin, showing several train lines and construction:


Another view of the Hauptbahnhof

A beautiful cafe nestled right in the heart of the city, next to an ancient wall from 1250 AD, partially rebuilt.

One of the clearest exhibits of state controlled (communist) city planning can be viewed on Karl-Marx-Allee, formerly named Stalinalle. I was quite impressed with the grandeur of the buildings and symmetry.

A burned out church; the description was behind a locked gate