Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hamburg and Kiel

Lisa had a conference several weeks ago in Hamburg, in northern Germany. We thought it would be a great idea for me to accompany her and then head to Kiel afterwards to search for apartments. We packed snacks, a change of clothes, books, and took the train.

While she was busy Thursday and Friday morning, I took walks around Hamburg admiring the architecture, nature, and history. We also ate lunch together at a delicious Indian restaurant near the hotel.

Dammtor Station

While walking toward the bay, we saw this house where Mahler lived briefly. Happily, in a children's choir I sang Mahler's 8th with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Chicago Symphony Choir so I could appreciate this history even more.

Beautiful views for runners or cyclists.

One of a few beautiful panoramas of sea and skyline in Hamburg.

Saturday and Sunday were spent searching for apartments in Kiel. Since our search was not fruitful, we will probably head to Kiel again in April and view more apartments then. Kiel is a University town, a shipbuilding center, and German Navy port. We hope they will accept these two landlubbers.