Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Frohnhausen, Bonn Trip

About two weeks ago, Lisa and I had the opportunity to visit Lisa's family in western Germany. Lisa grew up, until the age of 8, in Frohnhausen, a village near Frankfurt, and still has relatives that live there. The opportunity to travel came from a conference Lisa attended in Frankfurt. Since Frankfurt is only about an hour away, we both decided to take the trip and for me to meet the family.

Lisa's maternal grandmother, Oma, who I've heard many stories about, as well as aunts and an uncle live near there. Lisa's Onkel Heinz and Tante Marlies provided a wonderful dinner of pork and sauerkraut in their basement.

Oma and Aunt Ulla

Marcel and I

Onkel Heinz and Tante Marlies' lake and cabin. Previously Lisa's grandma and grandpa's....Lisa has many memories of swimming here.

On the way back from Frohnhausen, we were invited to spend time in Bonn with Carolin, Lisa's cousin, and her husband Marcel. They were incredibly kind and gracious, taking us to this French restaurant Ratatouille in Bonn.

Lisa, looking her ever-gorgeous self

While in Bonn, we walked around the city and partially took in the Deutschlandfest. The Deutschlandfest celebrated the day of German unity, where West and East Germany were reunited.

It was a wonderful trip and I'm grateful for this connection to Lisa's childhood. I really liked the family and hope they liked me too. Unfortunately, we didn't plan the trip well and couldn't see Lisa's dad's side of the family in a nearby town to Frohnhausen. I hope to meet them in the next year.