Thursday, July 15, 2010


Lisa and I in Vienna. <3 I loved Vienna!!!! What a gorgeous city- both in terms of architecture and green space. The beer, schnitzel, architecture, public transportation, musical heritage and orchestral offerings, and coffee shops were lovely.

And Lisa was as lovely as ever....

Family at Lutsen, MN

Bradley watching a movie

Sharon and her beautiful smile


Laura and Lilly

Myles, Nick, Josue, and Lilly

Apologies to other family members; photographer missing key skills.

Lutsen, MN Outdoors

The first three pictures show our hike up Moose Mountain. You start down towards a creek, then up and up. At the top of the mountain is a chalet and a beautiful view.

The last picture shows the condo where we stayed. I heard that Caribou Highlands, the resort 'village', tries to be really green- composting toilets, saltwater in their pools instead of chlorine. It was a great time in the outdoors and a great time with family.