Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Reflections From Morocco Trip

-On the flight into Madrid, a guy behind me SHOUTED: "Of all the things to do today, don't fly!" but no one paid much attention.
-A couple rows behind me, there was another guy that snored like he was sipping cola out of a straw. I could almost hear the drool being sucked back into his mouth.
-I sat next to a heavy-set woman visiting her family in Greece (she's probably 50) and our elbows 'spooned' on the armrest. She had fabric on but it felt just like her elbow was nestled into my elbow resting there. You know that feeling of the mix of skin and hair. That felt weird.
-A woman pauses in mid-conversation with another woman, and kicks her legs up with her 2 inch heels and pantsuit pants up the wall ramp and holds it there for a second to stretch. Then she repeats with the other leg. Her legs were almost above her head. She did this right after we turned the corner because right before there were 12 customs agents/police officers on the ramp.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reflections From Portugal Trip

-No Profiling (I saw a pilot and a grandma getting frisked).
-Best Meal Had On An Airplane (Involved two German sausage meals)
-First Class From Chicago to Omaha
-German spoken at Heathrow more than English
-Mistaken for being German
-So Happy With Melatonin
-Smiled A LOT when people would erupt into laughter watching The Hangover on their personal video screens in the cabin. Ended up watching it again myself and laughed out loud.
-Listened to classical music and read a good book
-Want to finish Hurt Locker and Appaloosa next journey
-4 Free English papers available through Lufthansa...even the Sunday paper with the insert magazines.
-Got to practice my Portuguese in Portugal. Only remembered two phrases...Darn.
-Saw, after several delays getting into Porto, passengers receiving food vouchers for airport restaurants and one passenger ripping up the voucher in front of the gate agent and giving it back to her. Then him yelling at her. And everyone else yelling at her. And remembering a sign for TAP passengers that read: Do not abuse airline personnel; they are only trying to serve you. Any abuse will be taken seriously. Or something to that effect.

Monday, October 19, 2009

My New Temporary Life As A Courier

A picture from Porto, Portugal, a VERY short visit as a courier.

Today I leave for Morocco and will be back on Thursday. I hope to keep doing this for the next few weeks/months depending on the needs of the companies. This could be a quick way to add countries to the passport. :-)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Prophecy Comes True

Airline Asks Passengers to Empty Bladders Before Boarding Flights Japan's All Nippon Airways is Trying to Reduce Weight on Environmentally-Friendly Flights

From ABC News:
ANA's latest effort is part of a month-long trial called "e-flight." The "e" stands for ecology and the airline is trying to make flying as environmentally friendly as possible. Instead of plastic cups, the airline will use cups derived from plant materials. Paper napkins will come from non-wood products. Passengers will learn more about the environment during the in-flight entertainment.

But the environmental push starts long before then.

While at the gate, ANA staff will introduce the flight as an e-flight and request that passengers lighten their baggage and to go to the restroom before boarding, according to ANA spokesman Justin C. Massey.

"I think it's bit redundant to ask people to relieve themselves," said Rick Seaney, CEO of airfare site and an columnist. "Most people, including my family, do it anyway because they hate the cleanliness of the lavatory."

The e-flight is being tested on domestic flights between Tokyo's Haneda International Airport, Okinawa's Naha Airport and Chitose Airport and on one international route between Tokyo's Narita International Airport and Singapore's Changi Airport.

The test period is from Oct. 1 through Oct. 31 and the airline said it will review whether it wants to continue the program.

Refer back to Post from February 19, 2009:

Monday, October 5, 2009


Jared Landreth has always wanted to mentor and inspire his friends. Years ago, he thought about famous characters of literature, history, and stage and screen that 'resembled' his friends. He wanted to talk to us about the potential that he saw in us and the particular 'honor' that each of us could nourish.

For Silas, Jared saw Aragorn. For me, he saw Atticus Finch. What a great character with which to be compared. In fact, coincidentally, it was/is the only movie I own.